Please read- Admin Note

Hi folks,

You might have noticed that the site hasn’t been updated for the last few months. A mixture of RL commitments and the off-season (post August, kit releases are fewer in number) is the reason for this, but I apologise for being away for such a long period of time.

Nevertheless, we’re back now and hope to have updates on a more frequent basis. I hope you continue your same engagement with the site as before (comments and social interaction), for our aim is to build a vibrant community. The site owes its existence to its readers, and without them, this would be a pretty lonely place.

At the same time, many thanks to the likes of Tim and Derby (and several others) for their continued involvement with the site during the off season.

Thanks again for reading.


PS- Any suggestions for improvement of the site are most welcome.

2 thoughts on “Please read- Admin Note

  1. DF7

    Glad you’re back posting regularly again. Fantastic site. If you want any assistance just ask. Thanks from NZ 🙂

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