New Dundee United Kit 13-14- Nike DUFC Home Away Heritage Strip 2013-2014

These are the new Dundee United kits 2013/14, SPL club Dundee United’s new hme, away and third (heritage) uniforms for the forthcoming season. The new DUFC tops have been made by Nike ( Just Sport) and were officially unveiled on June 7, 2013. United have unveiled home and away kits as well as a “heritage” third shirt which will be worn during Cup ties

Calor Gas are again the principal sponsors of the new Dundee Utd tops. The away top’s white in colour, with the heritage shirt in red.

Edit- First pic now added

Dundee Kits

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New Dundee United Strip 13 14

DUFC Away Kit 2013 2014

Dundee Utd Heritage Top 2013 2014

16 thoughts on “New Dundee United Kit 13-14- Nike DUFC Home Away Heritage Strip 2013-2014

  1. JonLCFC

    Surely Nike have gone off the rails. How on earth is the fade template being taken up by clubs? It’s horrible

  2. Random Matt

    im just gomnna admit it, i love the home kit template by nike, i think it looks very unique, the away is ok, and i loved the anniversery kit

  3. Fraser Small

    You cannot see the players faces b/c these are the teaser photos. You can see more photos on the DUFC website.
    In regards to the shirts they are nice, especially compared to what the choices are in the Nike catalogue. The sponsor really looks good this year compared to when they kept their logo red and it clashed.
    The badge on the heritage top is also nice


    the away kit would look smart if it was all white and the home kit is ok. whats with the arsenal look-a-like kit for cup games? shite

  5. skeel hart

    @Random Matt
    agree with u nike has gone off the rails…..the fade template is from barcelona’s last year’s kit if am not mistaken……nike have money but little brains

  6. tangerine knight

    Truly horrible home kit who likes black fade and black socks ?? Please you’ve got to be kidding … Dodgy grandad collar on away kit and then the ‘heritage’ kit looks like bl**dy Arsenal !! Arabs would be better off buying the 2013-14 Valencia away kit and wearing that classy outfit to Tannadice.

  7. Joseph

    you don’t know shit about dufc we have some of the best up and coming young players in scottiish if not british football

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