New Liverpool Away Kit 13-14- Warrior LFC Away Shirt 2013-2014

This is the new LFC away kit 2013/14, Liverpool FC’s change strip for the forthcoming 13/14 season. The new LFC away kit has been made by Warrior Sports and was officially unveiled on 4 June 2013 by the club. Liverpool have already released their new 2013/14 home kit.

The pics below speak for the design of the kit, and needless to say, it’s already topping many lists for worst kit of the season. The shirt was leaked on the internet long back, so those who had already seen it, might be more prepared for this “change” uniform that LFC will be wearing on their travels next season.

This is the official wording from Warrior Sports in their press release for the kit.

“A football strip fuses a team together; it is a Club’s uniform for players and fans. The fact that glimpses of the Club’s history appear in this kit is a really nice touch from Warrior,” said Rodgers.

Primarily white and black with elements of red, the overall kit carries a strong traditional look. The graduation of colour from the shirt down into the shorts and socks sparks strong interactivity between the three components.

Beyond the traditional colour scheme, the neckline has been reworked to give the shirt a modern edge, while an eye-catching diamond print draws attention to its bottom half.

“I like that this strip is different, the pattern and colours are fresh. It looks and feels great on and I can’t wait to wear it next season,” said Liverpool FC forward Daniel Sturridge.

In line with the new home kit, contrast detailing features on each sleeve. A fully embroidered Liver Bird crest sits on the shirt’s front, while two commemorative Eternal Flames and a 96 logo are prominently positioned on the back of the neck.

Designed using War-Tech, Warrior’s groundbreaking apparel technology system, the away kit is powered by breathable, moisture-wicking War-Tech fabric. Four-way stretch mesh paneling under the arms and across the back of the shirt facilitates optimum ventilation while allowing for added comfort and temperature control in core heat areas.

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Or shop for it at World Soccer Shop

Steven Gerrard, Martin Skrtel and Daniel Agger are here seen modelling the new LFC away shirt.

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55 thoughts on “New Liverpool Away Kit 13-14- Warrior LFC Away Shirt 2013-2014

  1. Sean

    Enrique’s face sums it up the best ” Do I have to wear this monstrosity next season?”

  2. Sam

    Exactly! and no wonder Suarez wants to leave, who would want to wear that sh*t, the kit is even more atrocious than Cardiff City’s home kit, like wow

  3. Carl

    After Warrior’s nice L’pool kits last season, I am hopeful that this is a sophomore slump. Really unattractive.

  4. Vuh

    Wouldn’t even use it to as pyjamas. But hey let’s send the whole team out on the pitch with it so we can lose total credibility. Brilliant.

  5. JonLCFC

    This is what happens when you allow rugby kit manufacturers to make football kits. Atrocious. Abysmal… I don’t even like Liverpool but I feel sorry for them. And as if that’s not bad enough… the third shirts even worse!

  6. PVP Saan

    Worst kit in history, it is so bad I want to buy them all so that nobody will have the chance to wear it

  7. skeel hart

    thats so ugly….yuck!
    and btw, agger is no more a liverpool player, wonder why they put the pic….

  8. Tyler

    This is an absolute disgrace ! I feel bad for the entire Liverpool franchise and especially their fans ! The fans and the players should work together and perhaps file a lawsuit against Warrior Inc for making such a terrible kit ! The players should strike !

  9. Jordi

    If nobody buys this crap, the they will be forced to come out with new ones pretty soon. So don’t give into whatever screwed up temptations you might have!!!

  10. Remsta

    This is seriously the ugliest kit i have ever seen, it looks like a shirt from the 80’s, but then uglier

  11. Remsta

    what is that?? snow? hail? Warrior must change this, this is unacceptable, this must be a joke.must be

  12. Marc L

    This is just unbelievably horrific. And just think, with all the red clubs in the EPL you’ll be seeing this garbage all the damn time. This or their (almost this bad) purple mess of a third shirt.

    This looks like some crap A-league shirt. Or a shirt from 20 years ago when almost all clubs had crazy shit designs all over their shirts for a while.

  13. Zazeeqo

    Its different and intersting which is what i like. I like the fact warrior arent parkking the bus and doing unimaginative boring kits. like adiddas

  14. KSIOlajidebt

    Enrique is thinking: “I have to wear this sh*t? Someone shoot me please.”

  15. PeteJF

    Horrific………..What are Warrior thinking? This is lost revenue for the club as very few fans will want to buy it.

  16. Remsta

    only the very drunk supporters will buy this, maybe, maybe not even they will…….oh oh oh

  17. karen creber

    a sad return to the dark days of the 90,s when football shirts plumbed new depths of bad taste………… insult to Liverpool fc and their heritage. alas I fear some idiots will buy it.

  18. dazzer

    does anyone remember ben shaws soft drinks from the 70s /80s this shirt looks like one of there labels

  19. Harsh reality

    @Marc L

    Hey, keep the A-league out of this abomination you euro-snob, A-league clubs have tons of respect for themselves than the money grubbing clubs you follow

  20. zoey

    once again like the goalie kit i dont like the pattern/design on the front, i hope the home kit doesnt have the same template/design

  21. barcead

    i think this kit was silly and i think they should change away kit with their third kit that’s better

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