New AC Milan Third Kit 2013-2014- Adidas Gold Milan Jersey 13-14

This is the new AC Milan third kit 13/14, Italian giants Milan’s new alternative strip for the forthcoming 2013/2014 season. Milan’s new third shirt has been made by Adidas and was officially unveiled by the Rossoneri on 9 May, 2013.

Fly Emirates are the principal sponsors of the new Milan third jersey, which combines gold with Milan’s traditional colours of red and black.

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AC Milan Gold Jersey 2013

Milan New Jersey 2013 2014

ACM 3rd Jersey

Milan Third Shorts 13 14

New AC Milan Third Kit 2014

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28 thoughts on “New AC Milan Third Kit 2013-2014- Adidas Gold Milan Jersey 13-14

  1. Forna

    can’t believe that Milan have let this happen. very ugly and bright kit, only use for the kit will be fifa, is not a nice kit! and the pocket? what’s with the pocket? they aren’t referees!

  2. Tyler


    LOLOLOL … thats exactly what I thought !! Theres room for a pocket protector to hold all their pens and pencils LOLOLOL

  3. Blah

    It’s not an actual pocket id***s…more like a badge,there is no hole in it.and it was on the previous third kit too,which was black,so it’s nothing new.

  4. Blah

    it was on the last third kit(black) too…so you’re about a year too late to complain.but I do agree it doesn’t really fit on players kits.

  5. Forna

    True, forgot about that. But it looks out of place. When they used the kit against Roma, it actually grew on me. Looked much better on players like Balotelli and El Farone. All in all not the worst kit ive seen coming out. cant wait for the new Home kit.

  6. mamadou m york

    i really like the gold colour jersey i wish it was in the Gambia so as i can buy it.


    I’ll take Sunderlands shitty template effort, if this is how they treat European heavyweights. awful

  8. Dan

    its ok, i love the pocket detail lol you take the emblem and the sponsor and it looks like a referee shirt ah ah. Forza Milan!

  9. Marco

    @Dan the small pocket was on last years third kit also so why are you still talking about it ????

  10. H00PS89

    Why is the pocket on the first shot rounded at the bottem put pointed and lower on the version modeled by the players?

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