Adidas AC Milan Away Jersey 2012-2013 and Milan New Third Kit 12-13

After the release of the new AC Milan home jersey 2012/13, we now have the Milan away jersey 2012/2013 and third kit for 12/13, to be worn by the Rossoneri in the forthcoming Serie A season. The new Milan strips have been made by Adidas and will be worn by the likes of Alexandre Pato and Antonio Nocerino, amongst others in the 12/13 season.

Milan’s new 2012/2013 away jersey is a round neck white one, while the third shirt will be black in colour, as can be seen in the pictures below.

Both away and third shirts will again have Fly Emirates as their principal sponsor.

Milan finished second in the 2011/12 season behind Juventus.

AC Milan Away Jersey 2013

New AC Milan Away Kit 2012-13

AC Milan Away Kit

Black AC Milan Third Kit 2013

ACM Third Shirt 12-13

Alexandre Pato AC Milan Football Strip 2012

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25 thoughts on “Adidas AC Milan Away Jersey 2012-2013 and Milan New Third Kit 12-13

  1. prm

    Classic, very good.
    But I’m not sure that I understood symbolism on black jersey: Adidas pocket with flag of Italy in it. What does it mean? Adidas owns Italy?:)

  2. Forza Juve

    Nice jerseys but the Italian colours on the third looks VERY similiar to the Scudetto! Maybe Juve should put the third “star” on their kits.

  3. MMV

    The away kit is as simple and classy as you can get. It screams “buy me” loud and clear. The 3rd kit, I’m not sold on just yet. I’ll have to see it in person. It almost appears that the Adidas logo is sitting on top of a pocket. Obviously, it’s not but it looks strange in a picture. I

  4. Mr French

    Now that’s what Adidas can do!!! Absolument exquisite!!! I HAVE TO OWN THESE KITS!!!

  5. Jay

    every adidas kit has to have vertical stripes on both the arms and shorts. For me this makes them boring kits that all look the same. Because of that i think Nike make better shirts, because nike only have a small tick, and leave the rest of the shirt open for design across the whole shirt… No generic nike tick or logo on the side of the arms and shorts, like adidas has for every shirt they produce! Adidas are infact sacrificing unique design, for advertising space. The same 3 vertical lines down the side of every shirt and shorts they produce. They are actually taking away sections of the your teams shirt for their own advertising. Nike make use of the whole shirt. And in my opinion just make classier, sexier shirts. Nike for me!

  6. Taroman

    Oh really? Tell me about Man Utd Home,Both Barca kits & some of Euro 2012 Nike Kits……. Compare them with the Chelsea away…… Words?

  7. wolfeman

    You did not help your case at all, the Nike euro kits were some of the best international kits they have done. And if your talking about the Chelsea away from this year or last it doesn’t matter because they were both terrible.

  8. SagA

    Great, but why is Nocerino’s head so obscenely large? It’s the size of his body almost, making him look akin to a bearded troll. Surely that can’t be right, he’d topple right over.

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