New Black Everton Jersey 2012-2013- Everton Nike Away Kit 12-13

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This is the new Everton Nike Kit 2012/13, Everton’s new away kit for the forthcoming 2012/2013 season. Everton’s new away kit for 2012/2013 is the first release from Nike after their partnership deal with the Toffees to replace Le Coq Sportif. The strip was officially unveiled on May 30, 2012

Everton’s new away shirt for 2012/2013 is black in colour, as can be seen in the pictures below. Chang Beer are the principal sponsors of the new EFC 12/13 away strip. The black top is accompanied by black shorts and uses Nike’s revolutionary Dri-Fit technology.

Everton were impressive in the 2011/12 Premier League season, finishing ahead of local rivals Liverpool.

Black Everton Jersey 2012-2013 Nike

New Nike Everton Kit 2013

New Everton Away Kit 12-13

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39 thoughts on “New Black Everton Jersey 2012-2013- Everton Nike Away Kit 12-13

  1. MOC

    I can honestly say I was not expecting this. Everton hardly seemed like the black and gold type, but the look works pretty darn well for them

  2. Lawson

    I love the kit, but why put Darron at the front of the advert? He isn’t exactly the best looking man. The lack of Leighton scares me too.

  3. Mr French

    How do you mess up a plain black shirt??? Put a Nike check mark on it… Nike just needs to stay out of football all together… Adidas make the worlds best kits…

  4. Afiz Arale

    looks really great. wish to buy BUT the sponsor is still Chang, a beer company and prohibited for us as Muslim to support it and wear it. what a disappointment -.-”

  5. Andy Bill

    Adidas make the best kits?? They look the same year in year out bar making a break in the stripes and then filling it in! Dont make me laugh!

  6. Mr French

    What should make you laugh are these comical kits!!! Or the comical way that Everton play!!! Or the rip roaring comical way that Tim Howard screams out “bananas” every 30 seconds!!! Or maybe the comical way that Everton just can’t seem to get out of the middle of the road!!! Now that’s what should make you laugh… p.s. When was the last time Everton won anything???

  7. Juicy

    @Mr French…just shut your face…..Seriously! If you think Everton are sooo comical…..Why are you searching their new kits???

  8. Mr French

    Truth hurt??? Can’t all be good news all the time…
    Unless you live in the land of candy and cake… F@#k Everton!!!

  9. Enzo

    As an Everton fan, I have to say I’m looking forward to getting one of these shirts when it comes out. Black and gold looks great on the team.

  10. Lawson

    @Mr French
    We support our team because of the heart they show and the fact it tends to run in families. Let me guess, you’re a Chelsea fan with no family from the area that used to be a Liverpool or Arsenal fan until Chelski got money?

  11. Mr French

    Not at all little lady… I happen to be the best kind of fan… One that supports Chelsea because i like their style of play and the fact they have the ability to come from so far behind and still manage to pull a double… I’m not one that feels i have to support them only because i happen to be from London… That tends to cloud your judgment getting wrapped up in local politics of the team… If someone says something about your team, you feel you have to defend them because you are from that area… Doesn’t matter to you whether your team is right or wrong, you feel you have to defend them because you feel they are attacking your home town… I’m on the outside looking in and only care about what happens on the pitch… Chelsea are the CHAMPIONS of Europe… I have always supported them… Fous le merde!!!

  12. josh93

    @Mr French
    guessing your a liverpool fan? Pretty rich coming from you when you’ve only won the carling cup in like the last 7 years, give everton a bit of time and you’se will be looking up the table at them and im not even an everton fan so dont reply with your history nonsense .

  13. abc1981

    mr french you havent got a clue wa you fail to understand is everton lack money and still manage to finish in the top every season im not a everton fan but im impressed wa they manage to do every season… correct me if im wrong if you wanna talk about cups dont everton have more history than chelsea? and if chelsea were in evertons shoes im quiet sure they would be playing championship football, amen.

  14. Mr French

    Hey josh93, sorry you can’t read… I’m a Chelsea fan… I can tell you didn’t go very far in school, because your not interested in history nonsense… What a d#$k head!!!

  15. Lawson

    @Mr French
    Lets stop this. You clearly enjoy looking for a fight. You clearly are a Chelsea fan if thats the case. What with the history of hooliganism etc.

  16. efc.12

    mr french everton have a far better history than chelsea and without romans money which wont be used in the future you wouldnt survive in the premier league , hate glory hunters , what ur saying you only care if your team does well ur ment to be a supporter and support them through thick and thin you are a joke and shoulddnt be allowed to watch the football go and watch ufc and support the current champ until he gets beat coz u sad man

  17. gooner boy1981

    nice effort by Nike. no where near as gay as Chelsea’s away rag. being a French Chelsea fan is even more embarrassing than just being French.

  18. Bobo

    @Mr French
    1) Guess what? Everton are historically more succesfull club than chelsea, having won 9 English Top Divison titles – Chelsea won 4. BTW Everton have played more seasons in the top division than any other team.

    2) Atletico Madrid 4-1 Chelsea.

    3) Worst defending champions of Europe in the history of the Champions League. What an honour.

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