New Gillingham Kit 12-13 Vandanel Gillingham Home Away Shirts 2012/2013

These are the new Gillingham 12/13 kits, Gillingham FC’s new home and away shirts for the 2012/2013 season. The new Gillingham kits 12/13 have been made by Vandanel. Gillingham compete in the Npower League Two Championship in England. These red and blue tops are Gillingham’s centenary kits.

While Gillingham were formed in 1893, the reason the 2012/13 kits have been marked as the centenary kits, is because the strips are a replica of what Gillingham wore in the 1912/13 season.

The new Gills home kit 2012/13, as per the programme notes, is a red creation with blue sleeves from the Vandanel stable. Gillingham normally wear blue home tops, so this is a change from the usual.

Mems Power Generation are the principal sponsors of Gillingham’s 12/13 shirts.

The Gillingham away kit for 12-13 is the reverse of the home kit, featuring a predominantly blue top and red sleeves.

New Gillingham Kit 2012 2013

Gillingham Kit 2013

11 thoughts on “New Gillingham Kit 12-13 Vandanel Gillingham Home Away Shirts 2012/2013

  1. Andy

    To correct ya, there centenary kits because that was the kit 1st worn by Gillingham fc 100 years ago, when the club was formed they were called new bromton fc

  2. Yanito

    Absolutely hideous! I thoroughly detest it, The Gills will be the laughing stock of the League. These kits would be more appropriate for Coco the Clown.
    Not only that but Home & Away clash with each other so a third kit will be needed. Does Scally seriously think people will part with £40 for that rubbish? I refuse to pay £40 for the normal shirt, I wait till they change and buy it half price. No football shirt should ever cost more than £25 max. SCALLY, THE CENTENARY SHIRTS ARE HIDEOUS, SCRAP THIS DAFT IDEA!

  3. ian bradd

    Yanito you are a joke there is nothing wrong with the new shirt,its a centenary shirt honouerd to a team that started off to later become the Gills. True Gills supporters will buy and pay whatever PLUS if you knew the history you would not write this crapp. Nice one SCALLY now get the stadium we want UP THE GILLS

  4. chris bramley

    i think as a centenary shirt its good to replicate the old kit. gills fans who bash it are like the chelsea fans who had a pop at the red collars they had a few years ago for the chelsea pensioners

  5. Hello

    this is stupid, why have the home kit in red and the blue colour on away shirt its pathetic. Its a horrible kit but its good to remember the kit from the history

  6. chris bramley

    actually yeah ive only just clocked they are reverses of each other. what will happen when they play teams who play in blue and red like daggers??

  7. !!!cafc!!!

    @Yanito The Gills will be the laughing stock of the League! you already are!!! UP THE ADDICKS

  8. Christopher

    I think if they had a plane shirt the same as this with no lace the badge and no sponsor it would look nice and very old fashioned but these shirts look tacky and cheap they have made a poor job of a kit which could have been very nice oh well that was last season my club cardiff have a crap kit too our last good kit was 2011-2012 and 2009-2010 I think they are the only kits cardiff have had that looked nice in the last 10 years hope we go back blue we could have a nice plain blue shirt with a striped 70s style collar aswell as on the sleeves and the old white circle with the bluebird inside that would look nice it would something like liverpools new kit if that was in blue I would like cardiff to scrap puma and go with Fila as they would make nic polo shirts and other gear and the kit would be nice too

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