Red Real Madrid Third Kit 11-12 Champions League Jersey 2011-2012

This is the new Real Madrid third kit 11/12, a red European jersey for Real Madrid’s Champions League games. The new Real Madrid third kit has been manufactured by Adidas and completes the range of kit releases for the 11/12 season for Real from the Adidas stable.

The new Real third jersey 2011-12, as can be seen from the picture below, consists of a red top paired with red shorts.

The Adidas stripes on the shoulders of this Real Madrid Champions League jersey are white in colour. Bwin are the sponsors. The red jersey was also presented to ace Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt.

Buy the red Real Madrid jersey today at well known retailers Kitbag.

Red Real Madrid Champions League Jersey 2011

Usain Bolt Jersey Real Madrid

15 thoughts on “Red Real Madrid Third Kit 11-12 Champions League Jersey 2011-2012

  1. gino

    It is a great kit but the only thing i hate: I CAN’T FIND THE SOCKS ANYWHERE! 🙁 I think you can’t buy the sock and for this reason a didn’t buy this awesome kit 🙁 Do you know where?

  2. Sari


    Please inform me where i can find this kit in the middle east. I tried to see several shops like addidas and some other sports shop but they don’t have it till now. Please tell me how can I order this kit.


  3. Football Kit News Post author

    You’ve got to probably order the top online, if you’ve got no luck finding it offline.

  4. Benoit


    SO far those socks are not produced I resolved to buy similar Adidas Formotion in white with red Marking. look very close to the look of the players we like to cheer for …

  5. eurobot


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