Groningen Home Kit 16 17

New Groningen Shirt 2016-17 | FC Groningen Kits 16-17 Home Away Robey Sportswear

These are the new Groningen shirts 16/17, Dutch club FC Groningen’s new home and away jerseys for the upcoming Eredivisie season. Made by Robey Sportswear, and chosen in an online poll by the club’s fans, the new designs were officially unveiled on 24 November, 2015

The predominantly green shirt will be Groningen’s new away top for 2016/2017. It won 43% of the vote, narrowly beating a black option that was the choice of 38% of voters.

Groningen finished 8th in the Eredivisie in 2014/15, securing a spot in the Europa League thanks to their KNVB Cup triumph.

The club only began their association with Robey earlier this year, just in time for the new 15/16 season, and were earlier oufitted by Dutch sportswear brand Masita. However the latter, which also used to supply clothing to the likes of Venlo and MVV, filed for insolvency, leading to Groningen having to look for a new kit partner.

Groningen Home Kit 16 17

FC Groningen Away Shirt 2016 17

6 thoughts on “New Groningen Shirt 2016-17 | FC Groningen Kits 16-17 Home Away Robey Sportswear

  1. Albert

    I like both of them.Ahell of a lot of football clubs the world over could lern a lot form these kits. The message is to all football clubs be creative & you will rack in the cash from doing so carry on giving us templates and you will not make mutch from your fans though this source of

    Kits like this give me hope that football
    will not kill it’s self after all through people getting bord with all aspects of football.

  2. Struan De Rossi

    What i’d like to see is groningen having a hibs style kit and hibs having a groningen style kit for a season.

  3. Football Association Ireland

    I’ve never heard of this company. But they’ve produced a great kit. 10 out of 10

  4. Timothy

    Wow these kits are really nice. I completely agree with Albert’s rant.
    Is that Groningen’s coat of arms also on the shirt?

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