China Nike Jersey 2016 Closeup

New Nike China Home Jersey 2016

This is the new China home jersey 2015/2016, the Chinese national football team’s new uniform for 2016, made by Nike. The strip made its debut in China’s World Cup qualifier against Hong Kong in Shenzhen earlier this month. The game ended in a goalless draw. The two teams are in Group C for the Asian qualifying leg of World Cup 2018 along with Qatar, Maldives and Bhutan

Nike had released a generic set of kits for China to wear at the Asian Cup in Australia earlier this year, but have gone for something a little more unique. Gone is the collar from the previous shirt, and the front of the jersey features a striking horizontal stripe design.

China Nike Jersey 2016 Closeup

China Nike Kit 2016

6 thoughts on “New Nike China Home Jersey 2016

  1. Albert

    When you think of China it is so hard to
    argue with that many pepole but I am going to do just that the only thing that looks good about this kit is the Jazzy Chinese Football Association of the┬ápepole’s republic of china crest.

  2. Paulie

    The white parts on the kit should be yellow, it’s as simple as that. Like with that horrendous effort Adidas made with the current Belgium kit.

  3. Waldschrat

    Totally agree with Paulie. I will never understand why some of these so-called designers aren’t able to get the simplest of things right.

  4. Sean

    What caught my attention was the black player for HK. Not being racist or anything.

    As for the shirt, it’s ok.

  5. Creosote

    why should they be yellow? white contrasts red more effectively, and makes a visually striking eyecatch in combination with red when compared with yellow. a national team’s kit doesn’t always have to match with the colours of their flag. also, the example you offered for your argument is (by your admission) a bad one, so it better serves my PoV.

    the watermarked hoops are a feature no-one has commented on. they aren’t unique, as the current english away shirt sports a similar design. they’ve been darkened a little more on the chinese kit, and the result looks really good in my opinion.


    was it the look on his face? xD

    Hong Kong incorporates a lot of foreign-born talent into their squad, so Kilama isn’t the only one. according to, the guy is in his mid-thirties now.

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