New Blackburn Away Kit 14/15- Nike Green Blackburn Rovers Away Shirt 2014/2015

This is the new Blackburn away strip 2014/15, BRFC’s new alternate shirt for the upcoming Championship season. Made by Nike, the kit was officially unveiled on 29th July, 2014 by the Lancashire outfit.

The official kit colour has been described as “Turbo Green” and also has Zebra Claims as the main sponsor, like the new home kit

New Blackburn Away Kit 14 15

Rovers Away Kit Championship

Blackburn Away Shirt

24 thoughts on “New Blackburn Away Kit 14/15- Nike Green Blackburn Rovers Away Shirt 2014/2015

  1. Brian87

    I absolutely love it to say green isn’t really a traditional Blackburn colour. I am concerned, though, as it is a similar contrast to our home kit. This could suggest we have a third kit in the offing, or our away kit from last year may be our third outfit. Regardless, another great effort by Nike!

  2. Jamest

    I really like this kit-just fearing what the 3rd kit will be.

    which do you prefer:HOME or AWAY

  3. Moza

    JonLCFC :
    Blackburn have majorly let themselves down kit-wise this season

    I totally agree! This is a poor kit and no doubts will lead to a third kit!

  4. Paul W

    I normally like the Blackburn’s away kit’s but not this time. I have never seen the Team in a Green kit and I hope this will be the last time. Awful.

  5. Brian87

    @Hello, how do you do?

    Yeah, but they aren’t producing a third. Last year’s away will serve as our third kit. On that thought I doubt many fans will be rushing out to replace their RFS red with one with Zebra on the front.

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