New AC Milan Home Jersey 2014/2015- Milan Home Shirt with St.George’s Cross

This is the new AC Milan home kit 2014/15, Milan’s new principal uniform as they seek to make up for a disappointing 13/14 season. The new Milan home kit has been made by Adidas and features the St.George’s Cross in place of its club badge. (the Milan coat of arms)

The red and black stripes are of different widths, as can be seen in the pics below

AC Milan Home Shirt 2014 15

New AC Milan Home Kit 14 15

AC Milan St.Georges Cross 2014

New AC Milan Home Jersey 2014 2015

24 thoughts on “New AC Milan Home Jersey 2014/2015- Milan Home Shirt with St.George’s Cross

  1. Charles

    At least it stays fairly true to the basic AC Milan colour scheme but that’s all I can say about it.

  2. Sean

    Given the flak we’ve given Adidas and Milan in the past for boring home kits, this isn’t too bad. They’ve tried to change a bit, and kept the basic scheme intact.

    Not the greatest fan of that big black stripe down the center, but I think the effort’s not bad.

  3. Carl

    Everyone is entitle to their own opinion. My opinion is that this kit is terrible.

  4. Sam

    This kit looks great. Quite different with the badge… People saying “oh well you’ve just lost a non christian fan” well it has nothing to do with religion (maybe the flag, but not reason for it being on the shirt) its the flag of the city of milan…

  5. Guy Incognito

    Whilst the same as the St George cross, in Milan it is referred to as the cross of St Ambrose and is the flag of Milan.

  6. Eric

    Original. But that neck. I prefer the designs af two last seasons.
    Good that they came up with something different though.

  7. fredddddo

    weird that the black stripe in the middle is thicker than the ones on the sides…

  8. kevin

    awful.It is very terrible why there should be an a cross replacing ac milan symbol it became very wierd and much more boring

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