New Colchester United Away Kit 2013-14 Puma

This is the new Col U away kit 2013/14, Colchester United’s new away shirt for the forthcoming 13/14 season. The new Col U kit has been made by Puma and was officially unveiled on July 31, 2013 by the club. While the new Colchester United home kit was sponsored by Weston Homes, the away kit is sponsored by Jobserve.

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New Colchester United Away Kit 2013 14

9 thoughts on “New Colchester United Away Kit 2013-14 Puma

  1. Eric

    Nice shirt. Gold with sword details.
    I bet everyone here is gonna wine about ‘same design’ and ‘usual template by puma’, but nonetheless this one does good for an original away jersey.

  2. little-leeMUFC

    Wow didn’t think the gold would be that shiny, looks like the same material as kylies hot pants

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