New Granada CF Kits 13-14- Luanvi Granada Jerseys 2013-2014 Home Away Third

These are the new Granada kits 2013/14, Granada CF’s new home, away and third shirts for the forthcoming La Liga season. The new Granada CF tops have been made by Luanvi and were officially unveiled on July 24, 2013 by the club. Granada finished 15th in La Liga last season

The new Granada home kit 2013/14 is the red and white striped one in the pics below. The away kit is white in colour, with the black and blue combo being the third kit. The standout point of the away kit is the Alhambra on the front.

The club also unveiled four new goalkeeper kits ( orange, black, pink and blue) at the unveiling.

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11 thoughts on “New Granada CF Kits 13-14- Luanvi Granada Jerseys 2013-2014 Home Away Third

  1. Sam

    not terrible but not great either, its kind of a classic Liga BBVA kit for teams that arent top 5 or 10, I liked their kit from last season more

  2. Sean

    What do they need FOUR goalkeeper kits for?

    Also, guy wearing orange gk kit in second pic won’t be too happy with the way the pic has come out 😉

  3. Eric

    Never heard of Luanvi, but they certainly can make soccer kits!
    Great design and nice combination of colours. Shirts seem to fit smoothly round the body, in stead of sloppy.

  4. Zoran

    Nice away kit (white) and decent home kit too…just needs a good sponsor. Never heard of the brand but good indication of their capabilities.

  5. skeel hart

    its quite nice, really.
    third kit copied from Adidas though (bayern third kit this season)

  6. skeel hart

    luanvi does not get many contracts….so they’ve exhausted their designs in the few clubs they have a contract with!!!!!!! so it may be 2,3, 4 or more designs for gk!

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