New Derby County Kit 2013-2014- Kappa DCFC Home Shirt 13-14

This is the new Derby kit 2013/14, Derby County FC’s new home strip for the forthcoming Championship season. The new DCFC home shirt has been made by Kappa and was officially unveiled on June 10, 2013 by the Rams. Kappa have brought back a collar to the shirt and we can also see black panels on the arms continue to be the principal sponsors of the new DCFC jerseys. The home goalkeeper shirt will be grey in colour, as can be seen in the pics below.

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New Derby County Home Kit 13 13

New DCFC Home Shirt 2013 14

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Derby County Goalkeeper Shirt 2014

16 thoughts on “New Derby County Kit 2013-2014- Kappa DCFC Home Shirt 13-14

  1. JonLCFC

    How the hell are you going to fit the name and shirt number around that back band thing?! Poor design, Derby should have stuck with Adidas

  2. Michael

    The logos are too big, ugly and misplaced, sort them out and get rid of the big collar and you’d have a nice kit. Why do they overcomplicate these things?

  3. karen creber

    very like the mid 70,s dcfc kit. pleased to see they have stuck with the classis ram badge.

  4. skeel hart

    oh God! was horrified just as much to see the player as the kit!!!! adidas did better for them, thats for sure…….

  5. Queggy Sporag

    This kit is awful. The worst kit ever. It looks like the designers put the sponsor in the wrong place. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!

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