New Northern Ireland Adidas Kit 2012/13- NI Home Shirt 12/13

This is the new Northern Ireland home kit 2012/2013, the Northern Ireland football team’s new home shirt for the 2012/13 season. The new NI home shirt 2012/2013 has been made by Adidas and was officially unveiled by them and the Irish FA on July 19, 2012.

The new Northern Ireland Adidas home jersey is green in colour with white pinstripes. It also features a white collar and is paired with predominantly white shorts and green socks. Former Wolves, Forest and Coventry medio Sammy Clingan is here seen modelling the new NI Adidas shirt.

Adidas Northern Ireland Soccer Jersey 2012

New Northern Ireland Home Kit 2012/13

New Northern Ireland Adidas Kit 2013

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27 thoughts on “New Northern Ireland Adidas Kit 2012/13- NI Home Shirt 12/13

  1. littlelee-MUFC

    Fantastic kit, I thought maybe it would of been a common template like used in the championship, but good to see a design made for the team.

  2. michty

    While I quite like it, I do think the pin stripes are a little too bold. If they had been a little thinner, and therefore a bit more subtle, the shirt would have been an absolute cracker.

  3. Brian

    different to what i was expecting given the recent Real Madrid etc adidas kits. However i quite like it.

  4. UnBALEvable

    If you buy the Republic of Ireland kit it comes with a sponsor and the sponsor is present on their kits when playing friendlies. @abc


    some do, like the republic of ireland, fifa allows sponsors on shirts for friendlys but not tournaments. not bad but is the green not a bit darker than usual

  6. Alan Smyth

    The new Northern Ireland football kit is totally crap………
    I would have liked to have seen a replica of the 1986 World Cup shirt that had a lighter shade of green strips going across the entire football jersey. in which made the Northern Ireland supporter feel special when wearing it.
    Therefore, I would just like to mention and if anyone else agrees then you are free to post an agreement towards what I am about to state……
    I have notice over the past few years that Umbro and now Adidas are making the green in the Northern Ireland football kit the same colour of green that of the Republic of Ireland and the same colour of green as Celtic.
    Lets face guys, as a life-long Northern Ireland supporter I would only wear the orgidional Northern Ireland green not something that is very similar as another football team that supports republicanism.
    My point……the flag of Northern Ireland is red and white, so I ask myself this question.
    Should Northern Ireland’s home and away football kit be made in the colours of red and white…..I think so.
    As a life-log Northern Ireland supporter I feel the need that our wee football team need to wear the colour’s that are represented by the colour of our Northern Irish flag.

  7. Dark Tint

    whats the pecentage split up there re’ prot/cath-brit/rep? i’m sure many in the north would consider green/that shade of green appropriate. presumably more would think as you do though. oh well, at least the short are white…

  8. Daithi

    Im from the south and i have a republic jersey but this is nicer i think, much classier look to it, really nice kit.

  9. JackBelfast

    alot of pointless bigotry here for no reason

    im a ‘catholic’ and i support our wee football team!

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