New West Ham United Home Kit 12-13- Macron WHUFC Jersey 2012-2013

This is the new West Ham United home kit 12/13, West Ham United’s home jersey for the 2012/2013 season. The new WHUFC home strip was unveiled on June 29, 2012 by the Hammers and like their 12/13 away kit, has been made by Macron.

This jersey will be worn for the first time in the Premier League when West Ham United host Aston Villa in the opening week.

The strip is sponsored by SBOBET, as can be seen in the picture below.

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WHUFC Home Kit 12-13

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30 thoughts on “New West Ham United Home Kit 12-13- Macron WHUFC Jersey 2012-2013

  1. Carl H

    Looks like Villa’s because it’s the same colour scheme.

    Macron have put quite a bit more effort into this though, the hammers on the back of the shirt is a nice touch.

    It’s a smart kit, for a credible team, in the best league in the world.
    Good luck staying up this year my fellow Londoners! 🙂

  2. NSave

    “Look like Aston Villa”
    Really Sherlock?? What do you expect with the same color scheme the clubs share AND the same company that made both of the kits?
    Anyway, it’s clear Macron put way more effort and creativity in WHU’s kit. Love the hammers on the back and the whole neck part looks really interesting. Too bad Macron kits are poor quality.

  3. gooner boy1981

    ok i suppose, could have been worse – nothing like as bad the screaming gayness that Chelsea’s queerbrigade have to wear. Their French fans like to watch boys get ‘punished’ !!!

  4. Lee Gerald

    This is a better kit than last season. Will definitely get my hand on it for my wife and myself. By the way Mr French. Every club has their pros & cons. Why are you saying that West Ham United is a S**t club? Don’t forget West Ham United produced players who won the World Cup for England. They do not deserve to play in the championship and what punishment are you implying? Mr French..this is not a quarrelling match with you. Just voicing my concern. We should live in harmony. 🙂

  5. Yoyo

    Love the kit!!! Macron have produced two exquisite home kits for West ham in the last 2 seasons.

  6. Mr French

    Yeah, Carl… I am a Chelsea fan!!! I’m also a violent French American, as most Europeans like to label us… Utter nonsense buddy!!! As if there is an underlying meaning to “he’s a Chelsea fan”… For your information, there are many of us “Chelsea fans” in the states… Far beyond popular belief, we love football here as well… As most people in the states are either from or have immediate family that come from Europe… Chelsea will be playing at Yankee Stadium in several days… Where will your S#*T club be??? Cochon!!!

  7. pfcsteve

    if anyone is interested i’m doing a sky sports fantasy league(it’s free to play just register with sky sports fantasy football) league name is serie z andthe pin 8000385. everyone welcome except that c~nt mr french

  8. Bob

    @Mr French you’re just an American glory hunter you’ve taken a look at the league tables when you’ve decided you like football and seen Chelsea and thought a-ha. It might be a S#*t club to you, because you clearly have no knowledge of the history of the club, mind you saying that, you probably had no idea of the pre-abramovich/non-plastic era (hitchcock, newton, spencer, duberry etc).

    BTW Love the kit 😀

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