newcastle v Leeds 2021

GW5 shirt watch- Leeds United to debut new purple third kit against Newcastle

Leeds United will officially be giving their newly released purple third strip its on-field debut tonight when they square off against Newcastle at St.James Park. The kit was unveiled earlier this month and LUFC will be one of four teams to don their third uniform this weekend, the others being Brentford (v Wolves), Everton (v Villa) and Leicester (v Brighton)

New LUFC Third Kit 2021 22

Manchester United wore their away kit in the shock midweek Champions League loss against Young Boys, and will again be seen donning that strip away at West Ham.

The only two Premier League games that will have both sets of players wearing their primary kit will be Spurs v Chelsea and Man City vs Southampton.

Game Week 5 in the Premier League and kits that will be worn by each side

newcastle v Leeds 2021

Newcastle United (home kit) v Leeds United (third kit)

Wolves (home kit) vs Brentford (third kit)

Burnley (home kit) vs Arsenal (away kit)

Liverpool (home kit) vs Crystal Palace (away kit)

Man City (home kit) vs Southampton (home kit)

Norwich City (home kit) vs Watford (away kit)

Aston Villa (home kit) vs Everton (third kit)

Brighton (home kit) vs Leicester (third kit)

West Ham (home kit) vs Manchester United (away kit)

Tottenham Hotspur (home kit) vs Chelsea (home kit)

Teams that will wear their third kit this weekend: Leeds, Brentford, Everton, Leicester
Teams that will wear their away kit this weekend: Arsenal, Palace, Watford, Man Utd