Liverpool and New Balance in court wrangle over potential new Nike deal

Liverpool have confirmed that current kit partners New Balance have opened a legal dispute against the club. Although the Reds chose not to reveal further details, it is believed that the case pertains to their potential new deal with Nike.

The Reds’ current deal with New Balance ends at the end of the 19/20 season and they’ve reportedly been in negotiations with Nike, who are ready to strike a deal that rivals Manchester United’s £75m/season one with Adidas.

New Balance, who currently pay the Reds somewhere around £50m have a matching clause in their contract, and are ready to match Nike’s bid, but Liverpool believe that the latter’s superior distribution network makes them a more attractive kit partner.

Liverpool are probably at their strongest commercial position this decade, following their Champions League triumph last season. They’ve won six out of six in the new Premier League season and are already five points ahead of rivals Man City, who pipped them to the crown in 18/19.