New Wolves Premier League Jersey 2018-19

New Wolves Adidas Kits 2018-2019 | WWFC Home & Away Premier League Shirts 18-19

These are the new Wolves kits 2018/19, Wolverhampton Wanderers’ new home and away uniforms for the upcoming Premier League season. The new kits are the first to be produced for Wolves by Adidas as part of a new four year deal to replace Puma, and were officially unveiled on June 21, 2018 with the tagline “Old Gold New Challenge”.

There is also change on the sponsor front, with Asian betting company W88 replacing the Money Shop as primary shirt sponsors. W88, who have inked a two season deal with the club, will have their logo in black and grey instead of their original blue. The junior tops will sport Silverbug on the front of the jersey instead of W88 owing to gambling regulations.

Wolves won the Championship in 2017/18 to secure automatic promotion to the Premier League, marking a return to the top flight after six years.

The new home shirt remains gold and black, with the club set to wear a white and black change strip on their travels. The club have also unveiled three new goalkeeper jerseys.

New Wolves Premier League Jersey 2018-19

White Wolves Away Kit 18-19 Premier League

Wolves Goalkeeper Kit 2018 19

Wolves Goalkeeper Shirt New 18-19

11 thoughts on “New Wolves Adidas Kits 2018-2019 | WWFC Home & Away Premier League Shirts 18-19

  1. Broncobilly

    Wow,bet that took Adidas all of two minutes to design.At least the faker’s will like it.Not what you would expect from a Prem side, second rate I’m afraid.

  2. kiwiwolf

    The logo covers no more than the last one so cant see what people are criticising it for, the colour is brilliant

  3. JR Official

    I love this kit and i can’t wait to make the fans proud in our new colours. Come on you Wolves!

  4. Gregg

    Wolves: Hey Adidas, can you make us a new shirt, something smart and classy?
    Adidas: Here you go, our standard template, in Vivid Sunshine Amber™
    Wolves: That’s not right, we requested old gold, it’s supposed to be darker…
    Adidas: That’s not one of our standard colours, you know you have to be at least Europa League to get custom kits from us
    Wolves: Okay we’ll just style it out and hope no one notices we’ve been fobbed off

  5. Stu

    Anyone who thinks the home kit is the wrong colour has no idea what colour old gold actually is. This is the closest to that colour that Wolves have had in decades as they’ve spent years playing in orange. See the Pantone old gold swatch colour at i(dot) for comparison.

  6. boinger

    Old gold ‘W’ank;ers! Nope its a bostin’ thing ay it!

    Just a really really hideous kit for a really really hideous club!

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