Southampton Under Armour Jersey 2016 2017

New Southampton Under Armour Kits 2016/17 | Saints FC Home & Away Shirts 16/17

These are the new Southampton shirts 2016/17, Saints FC’s new home and away strips for the upcoming Premier League season. The first to be made by Under Armour as part of their new seven year deal with the club to replace Adidas, the new uniforms were officially unveiled on July 5, 2016 by the club.

Saints finished 6th in the Premier League in 2015/16, ahead of the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea, and earned direct qualification to the group stages of the 2016/17 Europa League.

The new home shirt features Saints’ classic red and white stripes while the alternate jersey is a mix of black and grey with red trim. The club also unveiled two new goalkeeper tops- green (home) and purple (away). The words “we march on” appear inside the back of the neck.

The club also have a new major shirt sponsor in the form of Virgin Media, who have inked a three year contract with the South Coast outfit (replacing Veho)

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Southampton Under Armour Jersey 2016 2017

Southampton Home Shirt 16 17

Southampton Home Shirt Has Stripes on Back

We March On Southampton

Southampton Away Kit 2016 17

Saints Under Armour Away GK Shirt 2016

15 thoughts on “New Southampton Under Armour Kits 2016/17 | Saints FC Home & Away Shirts 16/17

  1. Harko

    Nice effort – I like the fact the home jersey has stripes on the back, it pisses me off the amount if teams I see that traditionally have stripes/hoops and a big blank patch on the back for a players ne/number.

  2. Russel1311

    I don’t care what people are going to say about the home kit, I love it – it’s hard to do something new with stripes, but Under Armour have done it. Those who don’t like dull adidas/Nike/Puma templates shouldn’t complain that this is too different, they should celebrate it! Good job, Under Armour.

  3. Sean

    Eh, can’t say I’m very impressed by these.

    The white bits high up look like a sports bra, and you also have VIRGIN on the front! Sorry, had high hopes from UA but not a great home kit IMO.

  4. Albert

    I think U.A have did a cracking job
    for Southampton with all three kits I am a masive fan of Under Armour myself the only sports brand I like better is Macron.

    I would say Southampton fans should just be glad they are not geting there kits from Nike next season.

  5. John

    Not quite sure about the white collarbone but I think it’ll grow on me. The sponsor logo’s been well-integrated and looks nice, too many clubs just put it on a big rectangle that breaks up stripes – see Newcastle’s kit this year or Norwich’s last year for example.

    It’s a rule from this season onwards in the Premier League that you can’t put numbers on a striped background (it’s been a UEFA rule for a while now) – with a possible exception for teams like Bournemouth with light numbers on dark & dark coloured stripes.

    There’s going to have to be a modification to this kit for matchwear in the Premier and Europa Leagues at least, maybe the striped back is for replica kits only.

  6. Jordan

    Well you’ll see that more often, seen as the new rule which should kick in 2017/18 means that striped kits can’t have striped backs, because of visibility issues for Player Numbers/Names…

  7. Bob

    The away kit looks like something that Warrior would make. Not nice.
    Don’t mind the home shirt, it stands out from the usual stripey offerings.

  8. oliver

    I love Under Armour…very good job….also the Trainings-Shirt very pretty!!

    The only Thing,Vrigin Looks very small and not real on the Shirt…

  9. Derby

    Hi Oliver, to be honest I think it’s nice to see a shirt that’s not swallowed up by the sponsor. Cracking kit isn’t it?

  10. Mac1985

    The home shirts reminds me of a stick of rock & a beach deckchair. On the other hand, the away shirt is nice, it’s like a training shirt. There’s no connection with me and that home shirt though, not surprised they’re sponsored by Virgin Media as connection is something they don’t provide!

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