New Millwall Home Kit 16 17

New Millwall Kit 2016/17 | Millwall FC Errea Home Shirt 16-17

This is the new Millwall home kit 16/17, Millwall FC’s new principal uniform for the upcoming League One season. Made by Errea, who inked a deal to replace Macron beginning the 2016/17 season, the new home shirt was officially unveiled on June 17, 2016.

The striped design is inspired by the kit worn by the Millwall side (featuring the likes of Billy Neil and Barry Rowan) who went 59 home games without a defeat at The Den half a century ago.

Millwall’s away kit for 2016/17 will be a a fan made design, with Kathryn Gale’s buttoned round neck effort chosen as the winner

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New Millwall Home Kit 16 17

Millwall Away Kit 2016 17

6 thoughts on “New Millwall Kit 2016/17 | Millwall FC Errea Home Shirt 16-17

  1. Waldschrat

    The stripes don’t look like Millwall at all, but it’s still a great shirt. The away kit is different and beautiful. Very good!

  2. Jome

    Hey look, it’s those nasty banana cream pie stripes that Newcastle had on their away kit five or six years ago.

    The home kit is best described as “nice but wrong”. Millwall were wearing stripes (briefly) 50 years ago but they were bright blue, not navy, and gold was of course nowhere to be seen.

  3. AndytownPaddy

    Errea are doing some great kits at the moment, and for those saying “It’s not Millwall” sorry to disappoint you, but it’s Millwall through & through!

    Read the article, it’s Millwall from 50 years ago!

    And the away shirt is totally Millwall, a nice spin on their usual yellow but it definitely works.


  4. Jamie

    It’s not Millwall from 50 years ago, the only thing this kit has in common with that one is they both have white stripes. A true replica would be okay (even if they swapped blue for navy), but a kit that’s merely “inspired by”what was actually a fairly short-lived and deviant kit is just going to confuse people.

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