New Rangers Home Shirt 2015 16

New Rangers Strip 2015-16- Glasgow Rangers Puma Home Top 15-16

Click here to see the new Rangers away kit 15/16, released 4 June, 2015

This is the new Rangers home kit 2015/16, Glasgow Rangers’ new home uniform for the upcoming Scottish league season. The new Rangers top 15/16 has been made by Puma and was officially unveiled by the club on April 16, 2015.

The club unveiled two designs- one the new home shirt, and the other the goalkeeper, a predominantly white one with red and black across the chest and shoulders.

32Red are sponsors of the new Rangers shirt.

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New Rangers Home Shirt 2015 16

New Rangers Top 2015 16

How many strips will the club sell is another matter altogether- with fans enraged at the recent revelations that Mike Ashley gets 75% of the income earned by Rangers Retail, and also owns the rights to the club’s crest and Broxi the Bear, the club’s mascot

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9 thoughts on “New Rangers Strip 2015-16- Glasgow Rangers Puma Home Top 15-16

  1. Sean

    Goalie strip’s decent, but so long as Ashley’s in charge, they won’t sell more than a few hundred.

  2. Nicholaswood

    What are the 5 stars about? How do they justify that?

    One Scottish 4th Division and one 3rd Division, granted I was never good at maths but cannot work this one out?

  3. Gooner

    The current Rangers fc are a new company after the old club went into liquidation but they were allowed to keep their list of honours. 5 stars were used after the old gers won their 50th scottish league title. Similar to Juve and their stars.

  4. Jonny

    Really nice looking Home kit. I like that Puma Template even if it’s overused. Also I think Rangers still deserve to have a right to keep their history

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