New England World Cup Kits 2014- Official Nike unveil new English WC 2014 Jerseys Red Away

These are the new England World Cup shirts 2014, England’s new home and away kits for the upcoming 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The two new English strips have been made by Nike and were officially unveiled on 31 March, 2014. The new home kit, an all white one, was inspired by the idea of the kit worn at Mexico 1970 and carries subtle references to the armour of English knights with the pinstripe

The away kit is red in colour and carries a graphic interpretation of St. George’s cross on the front, as can be seen in the pics below.

England Football Top Armour 2014

England World Cup 2014 Jersey

New England World Cup Kit 2014

Red England World Cup Shirt 2014

White England Football Top World Cup 2014

England Away Football Shirt Closeup

England Away World Cup Football Shirt 14 15

20 thoughts on “New England World Cup Kits 2014- Official Nike unveil new English WC 2014 Jerseys Red Away

  1. Creosote

    only the away shirt seems to have any noteworthy design features, with the George’s cross subtly etched across the chest as a blink-and-miss-it watermark. nonetheless, they do look attractive; an all-white jersey has long been one of England’s traditional kit designs afterall. but at an extortionate rate of £90 per kit i’ll be giving this one a miss – there’s little here i wouldn’t be able to replicate using a t-shirt and a pair of magic markers.

  2. Sean

    They’re not the best kits at the WC, but they certainly ain’t the worst either.

    Surprisingly released very late though.

  3. karen creber

    not the best,but having seen some of the other world cup kits(south korea/germany ) certainly not the worst either!…..englands kit should always be a nice and simple classic design.

  4. W.A.S

    Homke kit is much too plain,and so is the away kit.But for some reasonI love the red away jersey…reminds me of ’66

  5. big ben

    An all white england kit never goes down well. I’d also like to add that sturridge is playing well at liverpool but played shit for chelsea

  6. Creosote

    @big ben

    Sturridge wasn’t happy at Chelsea. he was very explicit about his wish to play as a striker, but they constantly deployed him as a winger and in the end they never made the most of his abilities and they couldn’t get rid of him quickly enough. it’s their loss, really.

  7. Mick Anders

    Nice kits …. would’ve prefered blue shorts in the home kit and round collars on both shirts.
    shame Nike didn’t listen to public opinion and use the Spain 82 template for guidance

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