Leaked New Liverpool Kits 14-15- LFC Warrior 2014-2015 Home and Away Shirts

Click here to see the new LFC home kit- officially released 10 April 2014

These are supposedly the new Liverpool 2014/15 kits, the uniforms that LFC will wear in next season’s Premier League. These pics have been doing the round of the internet for a while, and whether or not they’re the real thing will obviously be known next season when Liverpool officially reveal their kits.

Both these designs are mockups, so while they may not be 100% on the mark, they’re rough descriptions of the design.

Judging by the designs, Warrior seem to have opted for a more simple look.

The away kit’s yellow in colour, with the line on the top looking like something similar to the yoke detail used on Liverpool’s 12/13 away kit.

The home kit mockup brings to memory Liverpool’s Reebok kit from 2004/05.

Leaked Liverpool Kit 2014 15

LFC Away Shirt Leak 2014 2015

21 thoughts on “Leaked New Liverpool Kits 14-15- LFC Warrior 2014-2015 Home and Away Shirts

  1. Sean

    Warrior have done a good job with the home kit over the last couple of seasons, and this isn’t bad either. Sponsor in white though? When crest remains golden?

    Away’s a bit minimalist, but I’m sure most people would take it over the abominations that they’ve created this year.

  2. shane

    Nothing special but big improvement on this seasons away kit! ..and no revolting 3rd kit this time!?!

  3. ashley

    the 1st kit it’s too common, and this yellow kit it’s way better then this season’s kits but warrior should improve their GOOD creativity, or they gonna be out of the market soon…

  4. little-leeMUFC

    These are fake and doing the rounds on the internet think they’ve come from a fantasy design page, guarantee these won’t be their next kits

  5. JonLCFC

    These are too nice to be legitimately Warrior. Even if they are, expect a disgusting third kit soon…

  6. BMW

    FAKE!!!! photo-shopped to the nines and doesn’t even have proper jersey markings. Worst attempt at an alleged jersey ever!! home one’s logo and crest are complete different colours, FAIL!

  7. Luis Suarez

    I wouldn’t be surprise if any players left the club on next season….such a demotivating design

  8. Big Red

    Shane, the 3rd kit is grey and black hooped kit with red collar and a red diagonal stripe interchanging the hoops looks betters than this years at least.

  9. tony heath

    why cant the l.f.c. kit be like the old umbro kits of the late 70s early 80s the white umbro away kit with Hitachi on it is the best ever.

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