New Colombia World Cup 2014 Kit- Colombia WC 2014 Home Shirt Adidas

This is the new Colombia WC 2014 jersey, Colombia’s new home kit for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The new Colombian strip has been made by Adidas and incorporates some major Colombian symbols such as the Vueltiao hat on the front and the Andean Condor on the back

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Colombia Home Kit 2014 15

New Colombia World Cup 2014 Jersey

New Colombia 2014 Shirt

Colombia Jersey Closeup

13 thoughts on “New Colombia World Cup 2014 Kit- Colombia WC 2014 Home Shirt Adidas

  1. jay

    Why yellow shorts? Colombia had never used yellow shorts before. I like the new kit, the shorts should be blue, tho. Keep the white socks

  2. jo

    Spain head Blue Shorts and now they are red, Germany and Argentina had always black shorts and now they are white…

  3. Vince

    I don’t understand why adidas changed all the traditional short colours… Nonetheless, great kit for Colombia, except for the red stripe behind the colar and that stupid hashtag.
    Anyway, hope Colombia will impress next summer!

  4. TJ

    Pretty certain FIFA have said all teams in the World Cup have to have one colour running through shirt/shorts/socks which is why a lot of the new national kits are one colour

  5. Paulie


    I haven’t heard that before and it sounds like complete nonsense to me – who are Fifa to determine what colours a nation wants to play in?

    Very nice Colombia shirt, but again, blue shorts would be better than white – but it does differentiate them more from Ecuador.

  6. Eric

    Absolutely fabulous. Nice shaped.
    I like the combination of yellow and white with the dark blue and red details.
    Well done adidas.

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