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All 2011 Rugby World Cup Shirts- RWC 2011 Shirts- Rugby Jerseys

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The world’s biggest rugby tournament begins in a few days from now as the Rugby World Cup takes centre stage in New Zealand. Here is a look at all Rugby World Cup Shirts from the 2011 edition of the tournament. Special RWC shirts are crafted for the tournament ( there is no sponsor’s logo present due to IRB regulations regarding RWC jerseys).

Teams mostly have a home rugby world cup shirt, and an alternate jersey, which will be only used when there is a clash of playing kits. Fans will obviously be keen to buy their team’s RWC shirts in order to show their support, but fans of the All Blacks in particular have felt short changed by Adidas’ pricing policies. ( The All Blacks rugby World Cup shirt costs half abroad what it costs in New Zealand)

Most RWC 2011 shirts are either made by KooGa or Canterbury with Adidas, Nike, Puma and Under Armour sponsoring some nations’ kits.

Currently contains all major nations’ RWC Shirts- will be updated for other nations’ kits.

The below RWC Shirts are available to buy at the Kitbag Rugby online store

You can also shop for these Rugby World Cup Jerseys at the Lovell Rugby Online Store

Scotland Rugby World Cup Strips 2011- Home & Away Jerseys ( Canterbury)

Scotland Rugby World Cup Strips 2011

All Blacks- New Zealand Home Rugby World Cup Shirt & Alternate RWC Top ( Adidas)

Note the collar change in the All Blacks RWC shirts introduced by Adidas

All Blacks Rugby World Cup Shirt

All Blacks Alternate Shirt

England Rugby World Cup Shirts- Home & Alternate RWC Jerseys ( Nike)

The black England RWC shirt caused much consternation among the public prior to its release.

England Rugby World Cup Shirt 2011

England Alternate Rugby World Cup Jersey

South Africa Rugby World Cup Shirts- Springbok Home & Away Jerseys ( Canterbury)

Springboks Rugby World Cup Shirt 2011

South Africa RWC Shirt Away

Australia Rugby World Cup Shirts 2011- Wallabies Home & Away RWC Strips ( KooGa)

Australia Rugby World Cup Jersey 2011

Australia Rugby World Cup Strip

Ireland 2011 Rugby World Cup Shirts- Irish Home and Away Tops- RWC 2011 ( Puma)

Ireland Rugby World Cup Shirt

Irish Alternate RWC Shirt

France 2011 RWC Shirts- French Home and Away Rugby World Cup Jerseys ( Nike)

France Rugby World Cup Shirt

Alternate France RWC Shirt 2011

Tonga Rugby World Cup Shirts- Home & Away RWC Jerseys 2011/12

Tonga Rugby World Cup Shirt

Tonga RWC Shirt

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    September 9th, 2011 at 13:47 | #1

    i reckon the south african jersey is the best

    December 31st, 2011 at 09:00 | #2

    I wont ALL BLACKS RWC 2011 Shirt #7

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